Troops Radio

Over 20 veterans commit suicide each day. Our mission here at Troops Radio is boosting moral support for our U.S. Armed Forces overseas and helping Veterans in need. We broadcast world wide, 24/7 around the clock. We also host several charity events. We are currently working on getting an app on the Apple Store for those with IPhones. We set up live broadcasts at multiple local locations such as Walmart, Boot Barn, and Sonic.

We have families come up to us to personally announce their children’s births and have children come up just to thank our troops on air. This reminds our troops why they joined in the first place. It helps keep them pushing after long days of seeing things we can not imagine, especially after the many sleepless nights, and after the loss of brothers and sisters on the field. We have had many troops letting us know that Troops Radio helped remind them that they are loved at home.

We also provide transportation for veterans and senior citizens to their doctor’s appointment or to the grocery store, and transportation for single parents with children who don’t have transportation. Our veteran’s privacy is important to Troops Radio.

Here are just a few of our success stories out of the many we help out:

One of our veteran’s had a stroke a few months ago, and he was restricted to his home due to immobility and ineligible for benefits at the V.A. Troops Radio got together, and we supplied him with an electric scooter. Now mobile and able to live a normal life, he thanked us. “Troops Radio gave me my life back.”

Another young veteran diagnosed with cancer was unable to work and make ends meet for his family. Troops Radio joined in with his local VFW Post 8551 and raised $6000.00 from a benefit to ease some of his burden he had.

At the moment, Troops Radio has an electric scooter to be repaired and given away. We are currently in the process of getting donations for a $3000.00 portable oxygen machine for a 76 year old Vietnam Purple Heart Recipient.

Then on the 25th of July, Troops Radio will be hosting a benefit for a family that lost everything in a house fire. Troops Radio provides multiple services through our website which include additional links to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA Hospital) where Vets can make appointments, check X-rays, and refill prescriptions. We also include links to the USO, NOAA Weather station, and Texas Veterans Commission.

We are asking for help from our community, founders, and kind-hearted people such as yourself. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

With all this being said I would like to end this letter now on this last note…

A mother walked up to me at a live broadcast and asked if she could hug my neck because a 9 yr old little girl on the microphone saved her son’s life by changing his intent to commit suicide realizing people do care and she called Troops Radio a God send. If this one incident is all we ever accomplished, it made it all worth while!

Troops Radio sends you a huge THANK YOU for all your support!

Troops and Veterans have given so much for Americans. We all are dedicated to do all we can for our troops and veterans.